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Property management service

RBD Groups goes back to 25 years of existence and has been in business for that long. They deliver sustainable business solutions. Most of the people involved are industrious and are vibrant entrepreneurs. The main focus is on future. We have highly knowledgeable partners backed by hi-tech MIS along with a proven track record of meeting diverse clientele with much needs. We have a professional approach and long term fair practice, towards a stable and a robust organizational structure. This will contribute to the company’s expertise in reducing risks and maximizing efficiency. In due course these will combine to empower real value for real people.

You can contact us for all the categories or properties located in Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Ahmadabad like cities. This is also applicable for other neighbouring cities including Patna, Ranchi. Bhubaneswar, Guwahati and Jamshedpur.

  • Phone: 033 2329 6712
    +91 8100016559

  • 7/1, Kamardanga Road
    Kolkata-700046, West Bengal, India

About Us

RBD Groups is a cleaning and outsourcing company built to provide services to hundreds of potential clients all over India. We relate to facility management and human resource services to our clients.

Our Objectives

We live by our principles and bound by ethics. We believe than a long term business relation is fruitful for both parties. Moreover we like to invest in the infrastructure and create a diverse environment where all can live and work happily ever after. We believe that diversity brings out the best and helps increase productivity. We like to see a clean and green environment.

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