• An ISO Certified compay 9001:2008

Fire Control

Our fire control and safety service in RBD Groups is spot on. We can meet your fire prevention requirements. We also have the capability to design, install, specify, provide drawings, tie-in final hook-ups, and other services that involves a commercial fire alarm system. We will also provide annual inspection of fire alarm systems, testing of sprinklers and supervisory devices, and checking of notification devices that involves proper operation and maintenance of life-safety aspects. We help protect your business assets. We will do it right and provide you with the reports that the inspectors need. We also install smoke detectors and heat detectors, which ensure regular functionality and sensitivity tests that will help you in detecting smoke and excess heat.

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    +91 8100016559

  • 7/1, Kamardanga Road
    Kolkata-700046, West Bengal, India

About Us

RBD Groups is a cleaning and outsourcing company built to provide services to hundreds of potential clients all over India. We relate to facility management and human resource services to our clients.

Our Objectives

We live by our principles and bound by ethics. We believe than a long term business relation is fruitful for both parties. Moreover we like to invest in the infrastructure and create a diverse environment where all can live and work happily ever after. We believe that diversity brings out the best and helps increase productivity. We like to see a clean and green environment.

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