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Administrative Services

We provide proper computerized and administered support, that will help focus on clients with overall management and property of organization. The whole administration will be controlled by cloud based facility management software, which is not only easy to use but is easy to access and easy to manage by numerous amounts of clients and users. All these accounts are password protected.

The entire administration is controlled by our Cloud Based Facility Management Software, which is easy to use, easier to access and easiest to manage by unlimited number of our client's users. All such accounts are securely protected by unique passwords.

Some of the key benefits include :

  • No proper installation
  • Cloud-based software
  • Access from anywhere in the globe
  • Secured hosted servers
  • Low risk of losing out major or important data or any such dual back up policy
  • There will be dedicated personnel for 24/7 support and dedicated account manager
  • Unlimited No. of Users
  • Unlimited number of job assignments, where you can assign jobs to employees online.


The system generates user id and password for each user that signs up. They are mailed and messaged to each user. The user will log in with respective id and password, there will be suggestion page that is provided for all users. They can comment and suggest on our services or any other issues. Users can also lodge any complaint that is acknowledged through SMS/E-mail, and returned by a complaint ticket number or an ID. Users can check the status of lodged complaints previously as all data is stored in the database.

We deploy facility managers, clerical staff, accountants, who can monitor the daily activities at respective sites. Our responsibilities will also include on the spot decisions and implement quick actions, on any kind of issues regarding administration of establishment. There are routine jobs, we will take responsibility of collection of monthly maintenance charges, depositing the same into the bank, and to make payments that are different as vendors as per instruction of our clients.

Additional daily routine and responsibilities, our team also extends the need to prepare and adhere to the budget and maintain computerized A/c of establishment.

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About Us

RBD Groups is a cleaning and outsourcing company built to provide services to hundreds of potential clients all over India. We relate to facility management and human resource services to our clients.

Our Objectives

We live by our principles and bound by ethics. We believe than a long term business relation is fruitful for both parties. Moreover we like to invest in the infrastructure and create a diverse environment where all can live and work happily ever after. We believe that diversity brings out the best and helps increase productivity. We like to see a clean and green environment.

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